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News from Jalal-Abad State University – Medical Faculty

The Department of Pharmacy and ICD of the Medical Faculty of JASU named after B. Osmonov held an “Oath-taking” ceremony for graduates of the specialty “Pharmacy” in the Great Hall of the ATP.


The ceremony was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Nurdinov Sh.Sh. He explained his wishes to the parents and alumni. Also, the head of the Department of Pharmacy and ICD, Associate Professor Ernazarova BK Head of the Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Nurmanbaev M.Zh. Acting Department of General Surgery Artykmatov B. and Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor Bakirova AA They expressed their best wishes, congratulated the students on the successful completion of their studies and wished them a safe journey.

At the ceremony, the parents of each graduate received a “Letter of Appreciation” and diplomas of the faculty for the successful completion of the graduates, as well as the rector of JASU Kubatova Aizat, a graduate of the Farm-1-16 group. Professor Usenov K.Zh. was awarded the “Diploma” issued by.

Congratulating the graduates, junior groups of pharmacy organized a concert program. Parents and alumni of the alumni expressed their gratitude to the faculty of JASU.

The ceremony was successfully completed by the graduates taking the “Oath of Pharmacists” to protect the health of our people.

More details on https://jasu.edu.kg