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Jalal-Abad State University

For Academic intake 2020-2021

Doctor of Medicine (MD / MBBS)
Duration 5 years (10 semester)

Fee for first semester: 4,000$
Which includes Tuition fee, Admission fee, Registration fee, Equivalency certificate fee, Medical Examination, Documents translation and notary fee, Airport receiving, Visa extension fee.

Additional charges for first semester:
Hostel 300$
Mess 500$
medical insurance 50$
laundry 50$
Transportation 50$
Visa extension 50$

2nd up to 10th semester
1600$ tuition fee per semester.
300$ hostel fee per semester
500$ mess fee per semester
50$ medical insurance per semester
50$ laundry fee per semester
50$ transportation fee per semester
50$ visa fee per semester

Note Points:
1st to 10th semester hostel compulsory.
1st to 4th semester mess compulsory.
5th to 10th semester (Mess, laundry and transport optional)

Documents Required: FSC (minimum 60% marks Pre-medical certificate attested by IBCC and foreign Office).
Copy of passport
6*Fresh passport size pictures

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