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MD / MBBS – Osh International Medical University

MD - MBBS - Osh International Medical University
MD - MBBS - Osh International Medical University

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MD – MBBS – Osh International Medical University KYRGYZSTAN

General medicine is the largest field of study at Osh International Medical University and the programme takes five years. The first two years are spent learning theoretical and pre-clinical subjects, the other years of the course focus on clinical subjects.
The programme incorporates the classical teaching model in order to develop a firm foundation in basic science before entering the clinical field.
Opportunity to practice in State hospitals of Osh city and benefit from early interaction with patients through visits to general practices.
The MD – MBBS – Osh International Medical University study follows the recommended study plans. These plans are based on the field’s accreditation but their content and structure is evaluated so as to reflect progress in knowledge as well as experiences and
views of teachers and students.
To achieve the required number of credits, students have to register not only for mandatory but also for facultative subjects. Facultative, i.e. optional, subjects are regularly analyzed and modified. Their
requirements are also re-assessed. Students can pass facultative subjects only if they meet certain concrete theoretical and practical requirements.
The Doctor of Medicine (MBBS) programme corresponds to EU standards and professional requirements set for doctors. The obtained degree is in line with European labor market requirements (part of European
comparative degree system).



First Semester:

Fee: 3000 $

It includes:

  • Invitation processing
  • Tuition fee
  • Equivalency certificate fee
  • Admission
  • Medical examination fee
  • Documents translation and notary certification
  • Airport receiving

Hostel fee: 300$
Mess: 500$
Laundry: 50$
Transport: 50$
Medical insurance: 50$
Visa extension fee: 100$

Second semester up to 10th semester

From second semester up to 10th semester:

  • Tuition fee: 1400$ per semester
  • Hostel: 300$ per semester
  • Mess: 500$ per semester
  • Laundry: 50$ per semester
  • Transport: 50$ per semester
  • Medical insurance: 50$ per semester

Visa extension fee: 200$ per year

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Start On September 1, 2021
Duration 5 Years
Level Undergraduate courses
Price $2,800.00

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